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Indonesia, Country with thousands island and paradise island. Indonesian people are identical and well known with hospitality, diligences and mutual cooperations. With population around 237 million people, Indonesia is the worlds fourth most populous country and there are huge human resources.

Abdi Bela Persada is one of the pioneering manpower supply agency in Indonesia, established in 2007 with a new vision and gained high credibility among the Indonesian Employees & Foreign Employers in a short duration of time. By providing foreign Employment, we want to make customers to have "Right job at right place at right time".

We delivers services, insight and advice that enable our clients to win in the changing world of work. We offer a range of services for the entire employment and business cycle including: permanent, temporary, contract and casual recruitment; employee assessment and selection; training; outplacement; outsourcing and consulting

What is more amazing is that we are accessible to anybody from four corners of the world through the click of a button - the world of Internet. Take your first step because its a life, its your life.